6 Romantic Things To Do On Your Honeymoon

A honeymoon is meant to give you the right footing as you embark on the beautiful journey of marriage. It also gives you enough time to get back enough air into your lungs after the pressure of organizing the wedding.

You could make your honeymoon the memorable trip it is supposed to be by doing a number of things.

1. Eat and drink healthy

Please Him On Honeymoon

This is the time for you to get back your energy after weeks of anxiety and pressure concerning the wedding. You need to rejuvenate yourself and one of the best ways to achieve this would be through eating healthy.

You may engage in a few decadent snacks here and there but do not overdo. You may find the habit difficult to drop afterward when you get back home.

2. Engage in an extra-ordinary activity

Depending on your interests, you can find something both of you have never tried before. Of course whatever you choose to do will be complemented by the kind of destination you chose.

If you are near the ocean, find an ocean sport you have never engaged in and try it out. You will remember it for all those years you are about to spend together.

3. Take enough time to rest

This might mean spending the whole day in your room. It could also mean sleeping by the beach twined in each other’s arms and just spending some time alone. If you wish it, order for food to be brought to your room.

This really is the time to enjoy such liberties before you get back home and are confronted with work and yes, family life. Make the most out of this.

4. Take lots and lots of pictures

You need to remember the details of your honeymoon. Capturing these moments in pictures will be one of the best methods of bearing the fun and excitement forever. Have other people take these for you.

If possible, videos will come in handy as well. In short, do not leave your honeymoon destination without any of these mementos.

5. Make love a lot

Spice Up Your Honeymoon

The honeymoon was meant for you two to have some quality bonding time before you settle into your home. You need to have plenty of sex at this time. Please him in every possible way.

When you go back home, you will find that you have lots of things to handle which may steal from you the need to have sex as a new couple should. Make the best of the time you have together and have lots of good sex in all manner of positions.

6. Make a friend or two there

Many couples have found that they felt strongly about going back to visit the places they went on honeymoon. The experience will be made all the more exciting if you left a few friends there; much better if you befriend natives who are unlikely to move from the place.

Thus, you may need to explore the place a bit; do not just lock yourselves in your rooms all day and night.

How to Fix Relationship Problems Early

Normally, the first few weeks or months of meeting someone new is full of romance and excitement. You can see no wrong in your new-found lover. However, once that discovery period is over, you begin to notice the flaws.

You start arguing about anything and everything-

- Who left the toilet seat up/down?

- Why do you hold the car’s steering wheel that way?

- Why do you let the kids run all over the place?

These arguments may vary from the trivial to very serious issues. If there is no proper communication each time any differences arise, the end result will be resentment, a lack of respect towards each other, lack of faith in the relationship and its future, total communication breakdown, and the death of romance.

win her backIn order for your relationship to survive, the couple must set up mechanisms to resolve any upcoming issues.

My advice is to nip your relationship problems in the bud using positive communication techniques.

Here are my top five tips on how to foster good relationship communication and how to fix relationship problems early before they become a permanent feature in how you relate with the one you love.

1. Don’t Keep Scores

One very common feature among couples who find themselves constantly arguing is the keeping of running tallies by both parties or at least one of them.

Comments like, “you always get your way” or “it’s my turn now” only serve to shift focus from the particular issues of concern and make it a competition or some show of dominance. The total breakdown comes when each person tries to always be the one to win the argument or to get the last word in.

To solve such situations, both parties should realize that the ability and willingness to compromise is a sign of strength and unconditional love, not a sign of weakness.

It can be a hard thing to do since we all have our set ideas on what is right and what is wrong. We all agree that both parties are equal in a relationship and subconsciously try to “even out” the wins and compromises.

But being hardheaded won’t solve your issues. Identify the problem in each case and find a way to solve it without reflecting on who won the last argument.

2. Watch Your Language

When faced with attack, the normal human reaction is to engage our “fight or flight” mechanism. And that’s how most of us will react to an angry attack from a spouse, lover, ex boyfriend, or ex girlfriend if we don’t take steps to fix relationship problems.

By understanding that the best way to solve a relationship conflict is not to beat your significant other into submission using angry words, you will be able to take a more positive path towards reconciliation and understanding.

Always make sure that even in your anger, you use respectful words. Do not use absolutes because it suggests that you do not believe your partner can change. These absolutes usually involve the use of the words “always” and “never”.

Examples are, “you never listen to me”, “you never manage our finances well”, “you never show me respect in front of other people” etc. This only drives your partner into a defensive mode and will not result in any positive outcomes.

Also, avoid intimidation, insults, and name-calling. It may gain you some temporary compliance, but it will end up causing long term resentment. Lastly, do not give ultimatums.

3. One Issue at a Time

Solving relationship problems is usually made extra difficult by couples veering off into many issues at the same time. At times, they may seem to be arguing about doing dishes but you will find that the real issue at hand is far removed from kitchen chores.

The couple should make a conscious effort each time to resolve one conflict at a time and practice how to fix relationship problems. It is very tempting to bring up other issues, and this is especially true when you know you are not winning the current argument.

Agree with each other to always deal with one problem before moving on to the next one. If you catch your partner veering off on other tangents, politely point out that you still haven’t dealt with what brought about the conflict at hand.

If your spouse catches you changing topics, respectfully get back to the issue at hand and deal with it. Otherwise it will keep recurring without ever being resolved.

4. Time and Place

One major cause for resentment in a relationship is when couples bring up their differences at inappropriate venues or times. It is belittling and very inappropriate to engage in a shouting match in front of parents, kids, or other family and friends.

A more tactful, sober, and highly successful approach would be to find a quiet, comfortable, and private place to discuss whatever conflicts exists.

Remember to listen, watch your language, and compromise. The timing is just as important as the location. For couples living together, they may resolve to always retreat to a particular room to work things out.

5.  Apologize

Nothing melts the heart than saying “I’m sorry” and meaning it. When you realize you had taken a wrong path, or had been hurtful and disrespectful, it is only fair to admit it, apologize for it, promise never to repeat it, and work on avoiding such behavior in the future.

Most of us find it hard to swallow our pride and admit our wrong-doings. For the sake of your relationship and happiness and to learn how to fix relationship problems, be ready to make that compromise.

Remember not to keep a tally on who is always apologizing or who admits their wrongs more than the other. It should be enough if both of you make it a habit to apologize whenever there has been some wrongdoing.

Showing your partner that you respect, value, and cherish them may at times seem difficult. This is more so on those occasions when there is conflict. Emotions such as anger tend to cloud our judgment.

However, using the tips above on how to fix relationship problems, you can learn to handle your conflicts with maturity and understanding and avoid long term relationship problems.

He Dumped Me for No Reason and I Want to Get Him Back

If your boyfriend dumped you for no reason and you still adore him and want him back in your life, take the initiative of looking for him.

It is so humiliating and heart crushing for some one you love and treasure to just wake up one day and inform you that you can no longer be together and has no apparent reason for that.

He Dumped Me

Are you sure that you have not argued or disagreed on anything and yet he still packed his bags to unknown land? Girl, all is not lost and there is hope that you still can get him back in your life. Here is a free guide to get your ex boyfriend back.

Just hope that he will realize that he did a mistake and come to his senses but now that you do not know what led to his decision take the initiative before it is too late. Follow the below tips -

1. Let Him Know that You Still Care and Adore Him

Spare some seconds and let him know that you still love him and you want him back.  First try to talk to him through phone or send him emails to weigh his reactions before meeting him face-to-face.

Drop him a poem once in a while expressing your love for him. It is however worth noting that you should not appear so clingy or desperate to have him back. Do not overdo it but just let him know that you still care and would love to continue sharing your love and affections with him.

2. Speak to His Friends

If you try initiating a conversion and he is not responsive you can opt to speak to his friends. Give them a message to deliver to him. Let him know that you are willing to have a face-to-face meeting so that you can expound the reason that made him make a decision to call it quits in the first place.

I believe if the man still cares for you, he will be willing to have a meeting with you so that you can talk things over.

3. Wear Your Best Look

The day you decide to meet, make sure that you look splendid and impeccable; have your best look on. Dress in a mini skirt with a pair of designer high heels that will make you have an exquisite killer look that will make him want you back. Men are moved by what they see and a glamorous look will do the magic to melt his hard feelings.

When you meet take time to discuss about your initial relationship intensely, do not assume all is fine but set all things clear so that you can be reading from the same script.

Do not push him to take you back but let it be his decision. Despite that you are really desperate about getting him back, it is prudent that he does not know since he can take advantage of your desperation to have you back even though he does not mean it from his heart.

Finally, spend some time exploring few relationship blogs for more advice and you will definitely make him fall in love with you again even if he just dumped you with no apparent reason.

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